École Nationale Supérieure Vétérinaire d'Alger

Higher National Veterinary School was established in the year 1970 and is an Algerian educational institution. The university in located in Northern Algeria and is a full time four year university that is funded and managed by the Algerian government. The school as the name implies is associated and primarily affiliated with vet medicine, it has a low student body and staff population with a few thousand students and a couple of hundred of staff as at the time of this writing, the university student staff ratio is ultimately decent. The student body is not very diverse and we do not have sufficient information about the university, however we guess it will predominantly consist of students from the Islam religion. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in the field of vet medicine. It is also involved in a lot of research practices to improve veterinary medicine and create better methods to take care of our animals. The higher National Veterinary School has good facilities for her students, it has labs equipped with good technology for test and work on animals, it also has this well-furnished library with access to a lot of education content. The school tuition is affordable to the common man in Algeria.

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Some Courses include:
Veterinary Sciences