About Us

University Compass is a web based platform created to help Nigerian University Prospects make Intelligent University Choices Based on their Criteria. The Platform is the first of it's Kind for Nigerian University prospects.

The Problem

The major challenge faced by prospective undergraduates today are instances of not knowing what University to select. University selection in Nigeria today is done by individuals getting information about the universities off the internet, Alumni, Current Students etc. Before now the problem was insufficient information to make a right decision but with the advent of content site writing about Universities, the problem is no Longer about insufficient Information but too much information to make comparisons and actually select as university.

We also believe that the reason many university prospects don't get admission even though they perform well in the annual UTME is because everyone is looking towards the same Direction. The bulk of candidates apply to a few schools that they know and this creates unnecessary competition in the Admission process, while there are a number of Universities in Nigeria that are largely underpopulated and very affordable. There are Federal, State and Private Universities in the country that would gladly accept a number of student but more often these students don't apply to their Universities.

Our Solution

We developed Criteria based University search to aid students make better decision in university selection. Why Criteria based you might ask? Because criteria based university search is an improvement on all existing applications that simply provide users with information about Universities and helps them filter schools but doesn't help them in comparison and selecting a University, in existing solutions in a scenario where no school meets your criteria you are baiscaly told tha but in our solution we intelligently figure out the best fit schoolthat meets those criteria. The application is useful to both parents/Guardians and University Prospects.

We also provide basic information on a number on international universities for those who might be interested in studying outside the country.

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