École Nationale Supérieure de Management

The national school of Management Algeria, is an institution found in 2008 and located in northern Algeria. The university is a full time public institution and is funded and managed by the Algerian government and not private individuals. It does not rank as one of the top post secondary school educational institutions in the country, the National school of Management is committed to a number of things, some of which include the creation and the distribution of excellent and quality education resources, it is also committed to scientific research particularly in the field of technology. The school is very committed to promoting technical skill in Algeria as well as vocational skills for practical application in several fields. The school trains her students also to be entrepreneurial and identify gaps in the society that can be filled for profit. It is a coeducational university with a not too competitive admission process. The university doesn’t directly have a religious affiliation and it admits both local and international students. The National school of Management Algeria offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in several fields of study. It In close collaboration with several companies in industry, to ensure her students are ready for the industry and do not juts have theoretical knowledge. The university has a very good graduation rate and a good campus facilities, the library and accommodation are quite helpful to the students. The university offers some form of financial aid and support for her students.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Human Resource Management
Strategic Management
Quality Management