École Nationale Supérieure en Informatique

École Nationale Supérieure en Informatique, established in the year 1969 is an Algerian public university located in one of the country’s largest cities. The university is manage and funded by the public and is approved by the country’s educational bodies. The university has a very large campus spanning a number of hectares of land. The university is committed to training competent students in several fields of study, it is also a research driven university offering full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs to her students. The university has a relatively low student population and an equally low staff population. The student staff ration is quite healthy in this university. National School of Computer Science is a coeducational university that admits both national and international students. Admission into this university is extremely competitive, with different prospects from different parts of the world. The university to the best of our knowledge currently does not have any religious or socio-cultural preferences during the admission screening process. The École Nationale Supérieure en Informatique runs on a per semester academic calendar. Tuition is quite affordable and differs based on the different academic programs. The university has a well laid out student campus, library facilities, laboratories, classroom and everything you can think of to make the learning process smother and more optimal.

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Some Courses include:
Science & Technology
Computer Systems
Software Engineering
Information Systems and Tech