École Supérieure de Commerce

Graduate School of Business, Algeria is one of the earliest universities established in the country dating back to 1900, it is located in Algiers and is a publicly funded and managed institution. As the name implies, the institution is committed to training her student to be business professionals and managers with the practical knowledge on how to run and manage business. The university is constant and close collaboration with several experts in industry. It has a pretty small student body and staff population. However, the student to staff ratio is still quite healthy and here is a good student staff relationship in this university. The École Supérieure de Commerce admits both national and international students form different parts of the world it doesn’t have and affiliation to any religious or socio-cultural background. Its admission selections process is not too competitive. The university is a full time institution and has graduated a lot of undergraduate and postgraduate students, the university alumni is also quite solid with a number of them performing excellently in industry. The Graduate School of Business campus is excellent. It contains well equipped and furnished computer lab, good classroom, library with a ton of resources both physical and digital amongst others.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Audit & Control Accounting