Université Abbès Laghrour Khenchela

The University of Khenchela is an Algerian university located in north east Algeria. It is a publicly funded and mange university by the Algerian government which was established in the year 2011. The university is a full time four year university that trains her students to be excellent in their various field in academia. The university is also involved in research activities and partners with a couple of institutions for research. What’s unique about this university is its attention to details in her staff teaching methods to ensure students learn and actually have academic prowess. The university offers full time undergraduate degrees in her faculties, some of these faculties include the faculty for science and technology, social science and humanities. Law and political science amongst others. The university is relatively affiliated with the Islam religion. It runs a per semester academic calendar has a descent number of student and staff in her community, however not too diverse. The university should admit people from different religious and socio-cultural backgrounds and should not put to such discriminating preferences. University of kenchela has a well laid out campus facility for her students, it puts their comfort as a priority in order to ensure they have a good environment for learning. Tuition in this university is affordable and the university admits students from outside Algeria. The university has a well-equipped and furnished library with a number of educational resources, accommodation facilities and several others.

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Some Courses include:
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Political Science
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Molecullar Biology