Université Abderrahmane Mira de Béjaia

Université Abderrahmane Mira de Béjaia is an Algerian public university that was established in the year 1983, the university is a full time coeducational university located in a large town in Algeria called Bejaia. The university is one of the prestigious universities in the nation and it is fully funded and managed by the government and it is fully registered & empowered to function in the nation. The university is a research driven institution that is committed to proffering solutions to both local and international problems. Université Abderrahmane Mira de Béjaia has a very large student body, the university offers fulltime undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in several fields including sciences, social sciences business management and several others. The university has about five faculties cutting across these fields previously mentioned. They include the faculty of medicine, faculty of arts and languages, faculty of political science and several others. The University of Béjaïa has a large staff body filled with season and experienced staff from different fields, these staff produce excellent education content that is used to training her students to be of world class standard in their various fields. The university has several campuses across the country and they are all well laid out with the necessary facilities for conducive learning environment for students. The university campus consists of library facilities with a ton of resources, health center, recreational facilities and several others. The university runs a per semester academic calendar and has not religious affiliation, it is also a co-educational university meaning it has a diverse student body. Tuition in this university affordable, we currently do not have sufficient information to provide the exact figure. Kindly check the university official website for more details.

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Some Courses include:
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Languages & Literature
Science & Technology
Data Processing
Biological Science
Food Science
Public Law
Private Law
Medicine & Pharmacy