Université Ahmed Draia d'Adrar

Université Ahmed Draia d'Adrar, is an Algerian university established in the year 1986, the university is a publicly funded and managed university located in Adrar, Algeria. The university is well known for its research and innovative attribute in proffering solutions to problems in the society. The university is particularly becoming to be known as a digital university with frequent use of technology in its operations. The University of Adrar is also a research driven university and has made a lot of achievements and feats since its inception. It has no religious affiliation and welcomes students both national and international student from different parts of the world to the schools, the university has a fairly large student body and it is a little bit diverse based on several parameters. It is a coeducational university and it runs a per semester academic program. The University of Adrar has five faculties ranging from sciences, social science, arts and management courses. The university is a full time four year university and it offers undergraduate academic programs to her students currently, we believe that before long postgraduate degrees will be added. The university has all the necessary facilities for the student to have a smooth academic program in her institution, students have access to a well-equipped and furnished university library, laboratories for their research experiments, restaurants and other attractions, we do not have sufficient information about the university tuition fees.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Science & Technology
Computer Science