Université Kasdi Merbah de Ouargla

Université Kasdi Merbah de Ouargla is a public university established in the year 1988, the university is funded and managed by the government and located in the capital of Ouargla Province. Université Kasdi Merbah de Ouargla (University of Ouargla) is a mission driven university committed to give her student’s sound academic training to prepare them for meaningful career lives after school. Students become relevant ot he society and contribute to the national development. The university is also a research driven university involved in a lot of research activities. Université Kasdi Merbah de Ouargla has a very large student population, the university has no religious affiliation and operates on a per semester academic calendar. The university has a good and reasonable student staff ratio with sufficient staff to meet the academic needs of her students. The university is a full time four year institution providing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in several fields. Including sciences, social sciences, arts businesses management and several others. The university is categorized or further broken down into a number fo schools. Student diversity is fair in this university and the university admits both local and international students from different parts of the world. Admission into this university is very competitive. The university has a well laid out campus and affordable tuition

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Some Courses include:
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Political Science
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Agricultural Science
Biological Science