Université Lounici Ali de Blida 2

Bilda University 2, or as some refer to it Université Lounici Ali de Blida 2, was established in the year 2013, the university is located within the Bilda provinces of Algeria. The university is a public funded and managed university and has other counterparts in the regions. The university is committed to academic excellence and research in both training her students to be competent in their respective fields and proffering solutions to several problems in the society respectively. The Université Lounici Ali de Blida 2 is a coeducational university with a relatively large and diverse student body. We have little information about the staff population but we perceive, the university has a descent student to staff ratio to meet the students’ academic needs. The university admits both national and international students and has a relatively stringent admission process. It is quite competitive. Université Lounici Ali de Blida 2 is a full time four year university offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a number of fields of study such as science and social sciences. The university has a number of faculties with several academic programs in the fields stated prior. Blida 2 University campus setting is pretty cool, with facilities that make the environment conducive for learning. The university tuition is affordable, kindly check the university official website for the current rates.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Political Science