Université Mohamed Ben Ahmed d'Oran 2

The University if Oran 2 also called Université Mohamed Ben Ahmed d'Oran 2 in Algeria, is a public funded and managed university located in Oran, the university is one of the nation's contemporary universities recently founded in the year 2014. University of Oran 2. The university is committed to collaborations with industry, research, academic excellent and morals of her students and has been committed to that since its establishment by signing MOUs with several organizations in order to achieve joint goals, collaborations in research and the creation/distribution of quality academic resources to her students alongside excellent teaching practices. The university alumni is also making a name for itself in the workforce and are proving to be excellent resource in pushing national development. Université Mohamed Ben Ahmed d'Oran 2 has a currently small/medium sized student body, though the best of our knowledge it currently has no religious affiliation, it is a coeducational university and it admits both local and international students from different parts of the world. The university has a not so diverse student body and admission into this university (as at the time of this writing) is not too competitive, the university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in about five faculties, some of which include fields in sciences, social science, business and management amongst others. The university campus is well laid out and consists of sufficient facilities for her students, some of which include accommodation facilities a well-equipped library with access to a lot of digital and physical resources. Tuition in this university is quite affordable.

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Some Courses include:
Mechanical Engineering
Electromechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Financial Services
Financial Services
Financial Services
Science & Technology
Eartth Science