Université Mohand Oulhadj de Bouira

Université Mohand Oulhadj de Bouira, translated as the University of Bouira, is a publicly funded Algerian university established in the year 2005 and located in Northern Algeria. The university being a public university is funded and managed by the government. The university has one of the fastest growing communities in the nation in terms of student population and staff population, students are learning about their various fields of study from well season professionals and staff. These staff expose them to both classroom knowledge and practical knowledge they would need to the best of their ability. The university runs per semester academic calendar and it is a coeducational university. The University of Bouria has a fairly diverse student body. The university has a quite competitive admission process following I’s steady growth and achievements, a number of students are interested in studying here. The university is a full time four year university offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in several fields of study. It has about five faculties which include, Faculty of science and applied sciences, faculty of law and political science, Faculty of literature and language and a couple others. You can check the university official website. University of Bouira, has a good campus facility for her students, they get a great environment for learning, the university provided them with recreational and accommodation facilities. Students also have access to well-developed library, laboratories for all the research experiments and several others.

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Some Courses include:
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Process Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Science & Technology
Agricultural Science
Public Law
Private Law