Université d'Alger 2

Université d'Alger 2 was established in the year 2009, its one of the publicly funded and managed universities located in Alger, Algeria. The university like its counter parts in Alger it is committed to the academic prowess and excellence of the citizens of Algeria. It is also very much involved in several collaborative research in an attempt to proffer solutions to questions within our society. The university has a relatively large student and staff population, with a healthy student to staff ratio. Université d'Alger 2 should not have any particular religious affiliation and should run either a per semester or a continuous academic calendar. The university has a diverse student body, prospects form both Algeria and outside Algeria are welcome to apply to be part of the institution. The admissions selection process should be quite competitive and should not have any preference to religious background or socio cultural backgrounds. The university is a coeducational university and it is a full time university offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in about four faculties, these faculties cut across sciences and social sciences. Please note there is some form of affiliation to Arabic. The University of Algiers 2 campus contains both a library and recreation facilities, along with good roads and power supply.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Library Science and Documentation