Université d'Alger

Université d'Alger also translated as the University of Algeria is an Algerian public university located in Algiers, one of the largest cities in the entire country. The university was established as far back as 1909 and is officially registered & approved in the nation. The Université d'Alger has often been described as one of the country’s core asset in research and academic excellence. The university since its establishment is the first university in Algeria and has produced a lot fi well trained graduates over the years. Graduates are very employable and have been known to have both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge need in industry for relevant contribution. The university has made several achievements and feats over the course of the years. You can visit the university official website for more details one that. Université d'Alger is a coeducational university with no religious affiliation, the university runs a per semester academic calendar and has both a very large student body and staff body, we do not have the exact figures of the staff body but are told that the university has a relatively health student to staff ratio. University of Algiers 1 is a full time university offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in medicine, arts and sciences, social science business management and several others. The university admission rate is quite competitive and there is little information on the universities exact tuition fees. The university has health center and other good facilities making leaning conducive, the university library is well equipped and furnished with enough educational resources, internet facilities and several other.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Islamic Studies
Science & Technology
Computer Science