Universidade 11 de Novembro

Universidade 11 de Novembro is an Angolan public university that was established in the 2000s, the university is located in Cabinda, Angola. It is a public university and is thus funded and managed by the Angolan government. The establishment of this university was quite symbolic to higher education in Angola. Universidade 11 de Novembrois a full time four year university that offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in several fields of study. It has about three faculties, some of which include the faculty of law, the faculty, faculty of economics amongst others. The university campus has different locations in different parts of the country. Universidade 11 de Novembro has a medium seized student population, it also runs a per semester academic calendar. The university student body is diverse, being a coeducation student with students of different ages the university to the best of our knowledge is quite culturally inclusive nature and has no religious affiliations. Universidade 11 de Novembro offers admission to international students from parts of the world into her university. We currently do not have sufficient information about the university tuition but this will be updated soon. The university offers a ton of facilities to her students in its various campuses, it offers them accommodation facilities alongside a couple of other facilities like, well lid out and conducive environment, good road network, power, a good library with access to a lot of education resources both physical and digital resources.

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Some Courses include:
Industrial Organization and Maintenance Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business management
Teaching Psychology