Universidade Católica de Angola

Catholic university of Angola is one of the nation's top universities, it is a privately funded and managed institution that is located in North West Angola. The university was established in the late 1990s and is managed by private individuals. The university is affiliated with the Christian religion and is committed to making Christian values the core of its operations as a university and lifestyle of her students, the university is also committed to the creation and distribution of meaningful educational resources in the country, it is also involved in making use of better teaching methods to train her students in their different fields of study. The university is also a technology and digital learning university which is involved in a lot of collaborative research in different fields of study in order to proffer creative solutions to problems in the immediate community and the world. The university has a medium seized student population. The university community is quite culturally inclusive. The university admits local and international students rom different parts of the world irrespective of their socio-cultural background, being one of the very top universities in the country admission process is very competitive as a lot of prospects will love to study here. The catholic university of Angola offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degree in several fields of study. Including sciences, social sciences, technology, health science and several others. It is a full time four year university with moderate tuition which cost hundreds of thousands of Angolan Kwanza. Over 500,000 from our reports.

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Some Courses include:
Computer Engineering
Oil Engineering
Telecommuncation Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public Health
Clinical Psychology
Arts, Management & Social Science
Financial Management
Science & Technology