Universidade Gregório Semedo Gregório Semedo

Universidade Gregório Semedo Gregório Semedo is one of Angola’s universities, it is funded and managed by private individuals, the university is located in Luanda north-west Angola, one of the county’s largest cities. Gregório Semedo University was established in 2003 and since it’s establishment it intends to be one of Angola’s and ultimately the world top universities , it is committed to academic excellence, science and technology, research and the dissemination of quality education in Angola. The university has a couple of core values that it uses to run its operations, one of them is quality, the university has a high value for creating quality products. Gregório Semedo University has about four faculties and it offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs to students from those faculties. Some of which include Faculty of engineering and new technologies, faculty of economics and business sciences. The university has a relatively small community in terms of student and staff population, it runs a on per semester academic calendar and has no religious affiliation. It also has a not too competitive admission process, indigenes of Angola and foreigners are welcome to apply into the university. The university offers some amazing facilities to her students to ensure they are well taken care of and in a good academic environment, ranging from the campus environment, to the classrooms and laboratories amongst others. The university tuition is quite expensive estimated at over 700,000 Angolan Kwanza. Please note that the tuition varies per academic program and session, kindly check the university website for the most recent information.

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Some Courses include:
Computer Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business & Communication Management
Human Resource Management
Politcal Science
Science & Technology
Management Information Systems