Universidade Técnica de Angola

Universidade Técnica de Angola is a privately funded and managed university located in Luanda, like many other tertiary institutions in the country. The university since its establishment has been committed to the creation of quality technical education resources for both her students and the immediate community at large, the university is particular about training her students in the practical aspects of technical education so they have the relevant skill power to contribute to national development. The university is one of Angola’s contemporary universities which was established in the year 2007. With a medium sized student population and staff population, the university also engaged her student in a lot of scientific research which labs for a lot of practical classes for learning. The technical university of Angola offers full time academic programs in tree faculties with programs in sciences and social sciences, arts etc. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. Technical university of Angola, has a well-structured campus, library, classrooms, transportation and accommodation facilities are provided to her students. The university is however very particular about rules and regulations and ensures students compliance. The university tuition is not too expensive.

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Some Courses include:
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Mining Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Accounting & Finance
Inter Relations
Science & Technology