Haute Ecole de Commerce et de Management

Haute Ecole de Commerce et de Management is a privately funded and managed university locate in Cotonou. The university was established in the year 2000 and also has a number of campuses in different parts of the country beside its capital. Since its establishment the university has had a lot of achievements and awards at both the national and international front. Haute Ecole de Commerce et de Management is full committed to providing proper and excellent educational training to her students in their various academic programs. It is also a research university and it is involved in a number of collaborative research with key players in the industry and other universities to proffer solutions to problems in our society and the world. The university has a very large student population and has a fairly decent number of staff, these staff include very seasoned professionals in their various fields. The Haute Ecole de Commerce et de Management has a diverse student body based on several parameters such as ages, religions, gender and several others. It is a full time four year university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in science and social science. The university tuition is not too expensive, it has a beautiful and well laid out campuses with every facility student need to have a memorable and impactful academic stay in the university.

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Some Courses include:
Computer Engineering
Quality Control Agri-Food Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Human Resource Management
Transportation and Logistics
Tourism and Hospitality -Secretary Office
Finance Accounting and Audit
Science & Technology
Computer Science