PIGIER Benin is a private university that is located in Cotonou and established in the late 1990s. The university is funded and managed by private individuals. The university is one of the nation's top private universities. PIGIER Benin is a full time university with no form of religious affiliation and it runs a per semester academic calendar. The university trains her students in different fields using unique education resources and learning approaches. The university is also in partnerships with big players to help ensure some level of hands on practical experience for her students, it Is also a research based institution proffering solutions to immediate problems in our society and the world. The university offers undergraduate degree programs in sciences, social sciences and technology. The university has a diverse student body based on several parameters, some of these include, age, gender, religious affiliation and several other. The university’s admission competition is not too high. The university has a healthy student to staff relationship. The university campus is well aid out with the necessary facilities to create an optimal learning environment for the student.

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Some Courses include:
Software Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Human Resource Management
Transport & Logistics Management
Audit & Management Control
Negotiation & Communication Multimedia