Université Catholique de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Catholic University of West Africa, Benin is a private university located in Benin and affiliated with the Christian religions, it is one of the top private universities in the country. It was established in the early 2000s and is located in Cotonu. The university is one of the nation's contemporary universities and is committed to not only training her students with the necessary knowledgebase and practical skillset in their various fields of study. The university is also committed to training the student with Christian values. The university is run and managed using core Christian values. The Catholic University of West Africa, is a university of repute, known to be a research driven and innovative institution, teaching the students unconventional applications of theoretical knowledge. The university runs on a per semester academic calendar. It has a medium sized population form student and staff, there is currently insufficient information and the staff to student ratio of the university. Catholic University of West Africa, is a coeducational university so the student body is quite diverse. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate courses in science and social sciences. The university has a lot of facilities, it has been able to get students to be in the best environment they can be for learning.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Science & Technology