Université d'Agriculture de Kétou

Université d'Agriculture de Kétou, as the name implies is an agricultural centric university located in Benin. It was established in the year 2012 and it is one of Benin’s contemporary university. The university is fully committed to training her students in the field of agriculture, it is also committed to the production of meaningful and practical agricultural education resources and the dissemination of these resources to both her students and the immediate community in the country. The university is located in a town in Plateau, Benin. The university is also a research drive university, it is committed to the discovery of new knowledge in the field of agriculture, solutions to agricultural problems in Benin and the world at lager and also how to improve already existing practices in agriculture. The university has no religious affiliation and runs on a per semester academic calendar. The university has about seven schools in different fields of agriculture offering full time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in those fields. The University of Agriculture, Ketou is in collaboration with a number of key players of industry in agriculture in Benin, to provide platforms for her students to gain access to industry experience in agriculture. The university community is very large and diverse. It admits both national and international students in it’s’ quite competitive admission selection process. The university facilities and tuition are okay, the library, labs and classrooms are all well organized to create a good atmosphere for learning.

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Some Courses include:
Plant Management
Fish Farming
Rural Sociology & Agric Extension