Université de Parakou

University of Parakou is a full time pubic university located in Benin, it was established in the early 2000s and is located in a town called Parakou in Benin. The university being a public university is funded and managed by the Benin government. The university has a been committed to its mission since inception, it has trained students in different fields of study to be excellent in both the academic and the physical application of classroom knowledge, students have also been exposed to some level of research in different stages of their academic program. The University of Parakou is a research driven citadel of learning. The university is also committed to ensure all her graduates are fit to make significant contributions to national development in Benin. The university has a quite large community of students and teachers and there is a relatively decent student to staff relationship in the university. University of Parakou has a very diverse and inclusive community with both national and international students with different religious affiliations and other social backgrounds. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in several fields of study. The university has a number of faculties such as the faculty of law, the faculty of agronomy amongst others. University of Parakou admission process is quite competitive, a lot of prospects want to study here as it is amongst the nation's elite university. The University of Parakou provides her students with adequate facilities for optimal learning experience, some of these include the university’s library or laboratory and a number of other facilities. The university tuition is available and affordable to the average man.

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Some Courses include:
Animal Production
Agronomy Engineer
Plant Protection