Université Lumière de Bujumbura

Université Lumière de Bujumbura was established in the early 2000s and it is a privately funded and managed university located in Bujumbura Mairie, Burundi. The university is mildly affiliated with the Christian religion and is committed to the distribution of academic knowledge e in the country. The university is committed to playing her role in burudian economic development training her students to be experts in their various areas of specialization, this contributes to the amount of skilled labor in the country who will ultimately improve the nations. The university runs a per semester academic calendar and has a relatively small university community. The university has a healthy student to staff ratio and also relationship, this fosters for better learning. Light university makes use of effective teaching methods and approaches on her students to help them learn better. The university has a relatively diverse student population being a coeducational university that has no religious or socio-cultural biases and the fact that the university admits both local and international students from different part of the world. The university admission process Is competitive. Light university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in several fields of study, the university offers courses in science and social sciences. It has a strong alumni base and also a well laid out campus with the necessary facilities for students. The university tuition is also quite affordable, some of the facilities include, good road network, accommodation facilities, a very resourceful library and sevral others

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Some Courses include:
Civil Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public Health
Clinical Psychology
Arts, Management & Social Science
Finance & Accounting
Political Science & International Relations
Marketing Management
Science & Technology
Computer Science( Management Informatics)