Université Catholique d'Afrique Centrale

Université Catholique d'Afrique Centrale, is a privately funded and managed university located in one of the country largest cities. The university is a full time university that is affiliated with the Christian religion, it is committed to academic excellence, morals and cultural inclusiveness in the county. The Catholic University of Central Africa trains her students with quality education resources and teaching methods that allows them to be excellent in their various fields of study. The university is also well involved in research in order to discover new ways to solve problem in the society, it I involved in a number of partnerships with other universities and key players in industry. The university has a relatively small student body and staff population there is a good relationship between staff and student of this university as a result of the ratio. The Catholic University of Central Africa also has core values which are derived from the Christian ethos, it offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in sciences and social sciences, some of the universities faculties in include, the faculty of social sciences and management, health science and several others. The university has a number of campuses in different parts of the country, it admits both local and international student and her admission process is not competitive, prospects who apply for admissions have high chance of acceptance, the university campuses are well lid and structure they also have a very great environment for the students learning. Tuition is very affordable.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Mdi Wifery
Public Health
Arts, Management & Social Science
Human Resources Management
Business Administration
Banking & Finance