Université de Bamenda

University of Bamenda, was established in 2011 and it is located in one of the nation's largest cities, Barmenda, it is located in western Cameroon. The university is public and so it is funded and managed by the nation government. It is a full time university that supports an entrepreneurial culture in her students, it also encourages academic excellence in her students. The university is committed to training her students to be skilled labor and experts in their different fields so they can contribute to national development. The university is a coeducational university and it runs a per semester academic calendar. The University of Bamemnda has a relatively small university community, with a still healthy student to staff population, the university is a coeducational institution and it has no affiliation with any religious or socio-cultural background. The university admits local and international student and does not have a competitive admission process it offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in her various school/faculties, cutting across courses in science and social sciences, some of them include, the faculty of science, the faculty of social science, the faculty of health sciences and several others. The university facilities are good, and the environment is very good for learning.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public Health
Arts, Management & Social Science
Political Science
Science & Technology
Applied Botany
Mathematics and Statistics
Public Law
English Law