Université de Dschang

University of Dschang is a university in Cameroon that was established in the early 1990s it is a public university located in Dschang, western Cameroon. The university is committed to equipping her students with standard of education in the country and promoting excellence. The university trains her student to have the knowledge based and practical skills in they need, they are also exposed to how classroom knowledge can be used to solve real world problems. The University of Dschang, is also a research driven university and one of the nation's leading institution, it is involved in collaboration with other universities in the country and key player in industry. The university since its inception has had a lot of a lot of achievements and feats. It is a full time coeducational university that runs on a per semester academic calendar. It has a medium sized diverse student population and a not too large staff boys. However the university student to staff ratio is still quite healthy. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degree in science and social scenes, some of its faculties include, faculty of arts and humanities, faculty of sciences, faculty of medicine and several others. The university has a culturally diverse student pulsation and it has no religious affiliation, it admits local and international admits students from different parts of the world. Admissions into university of Dschang is quite completive, the university has several campuses in different part of the nation all of which include well equipped facilities, labs, a resourceful library, sports and recreation facilities and several other facilities to ensure students have an optimal learning experience.

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Some Courses include:
Animal production
Soil science
Agricultural extension & rural sociology
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Financw & Accounting
Political Science
Science & Technology
Biomedical Science