Université de Ngaoundéré

University of Ngaoundéré, established in the early 1980s, is a full time university located in Adamawa, Cameroon. The university is a public university and so it is funded and managed by the nation's government. The university has a very large student population and not too large staff population, the university student’s population is quite diverse, The University of Ngaoundéré is committed to training her students and providing them with quality education in their various fields, students are shown through effective teaching methods how classroom knowledge can be used to solve real world problems. The university is involved I collaborative research for the discovery of knowledge that can be used to proffer effective solution in her immediate society and the world. The university of University of Ngaoundéré run a per semester academic calendar and offer full time undergraduate and postgraduate courses in her different faculties, some of these faculties include, Faculty of sciences, faculty of economics science and management. And several others. The university admits local and international studies and has a quite competitive admission process. University of Ngaoundéré is a coeducational university and has no religious or socio-cultural background, this along with other factors allows it to have a diverse community. It provides her students with accommodation facilities, libraries and a number of other facilities to create an enabling environment for learning.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Political Science
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Biological Science
Biomedical Science
Earth Science