Université de Yaoundé II

University of Yaounde II, was established in the early 1960s and it is one of the nation's oldest universities, it is a public funded and managed university located in ‎Yaounde‎, ‎Centre‎, Cameroon. The university has about five campus located in different parts of Cameroon, it is a full time university and is one of the nation's leading universities it is committed to promoting national development and the education sector of the country, by the rapid distribution of education resources in the country, it also ensure equal access to quality education. The university is also a research driven university. It is involved in different level of research which are for the discovery of new knowledge and approaches to solving problems in society. The University of ‎Yaounde‎ II, has a medium sized student population and a relatively small staff population, the university staff to student ratio is not very healthy, the staff consists of seasoned professionals in their different fields. The university is a coeducational university, it admits both local and international student and also has no affiliation to a particular religious or socio-cultural background. The university runs a per semester academic calendar and offers full time undergraduates degrees in its faculties, some of those faculties include faculty of science and techniques of information communication and several others. The university of Yaounde campuses are well equipped with very resourceful library, well equipped labs and other facilities that makes the university campus conducive for learning, others include god road network, power and several others.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Administration & Business Management
Economic Engineering
Bank, Money & Finance
Human Resource Management