Université de Djibouti

Université de Djibouti is currently the only university in the country, it was established in the mid-2000s and it is fully funded public university that is managed by the government. The university is located in Djibouti the nation's capital. It is committed to playing its role as a booster of the standard of education in the country by providing quality education to their students and also as a contributor to the development of the nation's economy by building up skilled manpower/personnel that will be relevant in national development. The University of Djibouti is a full time university that ensures students have practical knowledge of their respective fields outside what goes on in the classroom. The University of Djibouti has high regard for technological innovation and the University at different levels takes steps to train their students in that area. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in her different faculties, some of these faculties include faculty of sciences, faculty of law, economics and management and also a number of others. It is a coeducational university that runs on a per semester academic calendar. It has no religious affiliation, has a medium sized student population and staff population. The University of Djibouti offers the students good facilities and ensures the campus are well secure and conducive for learning, the university has a very resourceful library. Admission into this university is very competitive as local and international students apply to get limited spaces.

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Some Courses include:
energy engineering
Civil Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business and Administration
Economy and Management
finance and bilingualism
Science & Technology
Computer Science