Alexandria University

Alexandria University is an Egyptian based university that was established in the year 1942 and this is one of the nation's old universities. It is located in Alexandria and it is definitely one of the leading universities. It is a public university and thus it is funded and managed by the Egyptian government. The University is committed to the discovery and the dissemination of quality education and knowledge within her immediate society and the world. The university is committed to the nation's development. Alexandria University has a number of core values which are ingrained in her students during their academic stay in the university some of these core values includes, creativity & innovation, team spirit and several others. The students of this university are taught by season professionals in different areas of study. They are exposed to the knowledgebase they need and the practical skillset to be able to contribute to the nation's development. Alexandria University has a number of campus facilities located in different pats of the nations, they are all equipped with good facilities like a well resourceful library, labs that art equipped with the necessary equipment and they ultimately have a conducive atmosphere for learning. The university is a coeducation university and it runs on a per semester academic calendar, it has a very large community that is culturally inclusive. There is a healthy ratio between the university staff and students which is good and promotes learning. The University offers fluffy time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degree programs in her faculties, some which include faculty of arts, faculty of engineering, faculty of pharmacy and several others. The university tuition is also very affable, it goes for about 1,000 -8,000 depending on the program and nationality. Kindly check the university official website for more details on this. The university belongs to an elite group of leading 1,000 universities in the world of which in several ranking bodies it at least belongs to the top 900.

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Some Courses include:
Agriculture extension education
Animal Production
Crop Science
Dairy Science
Electrical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer and Systems Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Other Feilds
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business administration
Tourism Studies
Art History
Financial and tariff studies
Science & Technology
Environmental Science
curriculum instruction