Assiut University

Assiut University is a full time public funded university that was established in the late 1950s, the Egyptian based university is run and managed by the nation's government and it is located in Asyut, Egypt but however is has a number of campus facilities in different parts of the nations. The university ensures equal access to quality education and knowledge, it is involved in research and development on several levels and it contribute to the nation in different areas which include, maintain the standard of quality education in the country and also constantly producing skilled and competent graduates in different areas of study. The university has a number of short term and long term goals. Assiut University is really great, and her students get a lot of exposure. They are trained with well trained professional teachers in different areas of study who are not only exposed to classroom knowledge but also industry knowledge and students learn all these through the use of effective teaching/learning methods, the university is not affiliated to any religion or cultural backgrounds in the country and has a very selective and competitive admission process,. It is a coeducation university that admits both local and international students form different parts of the world. The University has a large and very diverse community. She provides her students with enough staff to meet her needs and the university has a decent staff to student ratio. Assiut University offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degree programs in her various faculties some of which include, faculty of sciences, faculty of law, faculty of education amongst others. The university provides affordable tuition for her students which varies based on the different programs and degree types. Campus facilities are also excellent and very conducive for learning.

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Some Courses include:
Plant Pathology
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Other related/Similar Feilds
Arts, Management & Social Science
Political Science
Mass Communication
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Information Technology
Information Systems


QS Global World Ranking #801-1000