British University in Egypt

British University in Egypt is as the name implies an Egyptian based university that was established in the mid-2000s it is one of the nation's contemporary universities. It is located in Cairo Egypt and it is a privately funded and managed university. The university is committed to becoming a renowned higher education institution in east Africa, it also has a number of British partners. It is committed to training her students to be competent professionals in their different fields of study. The university play her roles in the nation's socio-economic development by contributing to the development of the skilled human manpower that it needs. British University in Egypt makes use of excellent teaching method on her students. These are in order to help them learn better some approaches of eLearning are also used in the university. The core objective is to help her students have the right knowledge and skills they need in their various fields. The university is a research based and sensitive institution. It is involved in a number of collaborations with other universities and key player in industry to meet her research goals. They are ultimately to proffer solutions to society problems. British University in Egypt run a per semester academic calendar and it is not affiliated with any religion. The university student body is large or some would say medium sized and so is her staff populations. There is a healthy relationship between them. British University in Egypt offers full-time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in her various faculties which cut across fields in sciences and social sciences. The university admits local and international students and it has a competitive admissions process. Her tuition ranges from about 6,000 – 50,000 Egyptian pounds. The university campus facility is very conducive for learning it has facilities like labs, good road network, power and several others.

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Some Courses include:
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Materials Science & Engineering
Film & Media Studies
Computer Science