Cairo University

Cairo University is one of Egypt’s leading universities, it is was established way back in the year 1908. The university is one of the oldest universities in the nations. The University is affiliated with the Islam religion, it is a coeducation university and it is relatively culturally incise, it has a super large student body and it community is diverse in term of age, gender and several other parameters. The university has a very large staff population to meet the needs of her students, they consist of professionals in different areas of study and they expose their students to the right knowledge base and practical skills they need to make meaningful impact in different industries in the nation. Cairo University is also involved in different level of research and development. It is one of the nation's leading universities in research in the discovery of knowledge and in proffering solutions to problems in the world. The university runs a per semester academic calendar. The University offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academe degrees program in fields cutting across sciences , social sciences and several others. Some of the university’s faculties include, the faculty of engineering, faculty of agriculture and several others. Admission into Cairo University is very competitive and many students apply for admission into this prestigious university. Tuition of this university goes for less than 10,000 Egyptian pounds, please note that the price varies based on the different programs and other services such as accommodation facilities could attract extra cost. It belongs to an elite group of universities which are ranked as the top 1,000 overall best universities in the world. The university campuses are very good well laid out and with necessary facilities, they include well-furnished and resourceful academic libraries, well equipped lab and several other faculties.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Several Others
Arts, Management & Social Science
Political Science