October 6 University

October 6 University is an Egyptian based university established in the year 1996, it is a privately funded and managed institution. The university is located in Cairo, amongst other fellow leading Egyptian universities. The University intends to be an institution reputed for distinction and academic excellence. The university is committed to producing competent graduates who are very knowledgeable in their various fields and keen to make significant impact the nation and the world, having being properly trained by expert teachers and being exposed to a number of education resources. The university also makes them learn about research and development, to build their thinking capacity. October 6 University is a search based institution also and she proffers solutions do different problems based on research. The university has a very large and diverse community of students and staff. With a good student to staff ratio which is ultimately good for learning. It is a coeducation university, and it has a very competitive admission process and admits many prospects both locally and internationally seeking admission into the university. The university has a good and well laid out campus facility that is pretty cool with the necessary facilities students need to have an enjoyable stay while in school. October 6 University offer full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in her various faculties some of which include faculty of engineering, faulty of education and several others. The university tuition is affordable and costs about $5,000. It varies for the different faculties, kindly check the university website for more detail on this.

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Some Courses include:
Mechatronics Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Public Relations
Science & Technology
Computer Science