Tanta University

Tanta University established in the 1970s is an Egyptian based public university located in Tanata, Egypt. The university is funded and run by the Egyptian government. The university Tanta trains her studens with excellent teacher who make use of more effective and efficient teaching methods and also quality education resources to ensure that her students have an optimal learning experience while in school. The university is committed to research and development in order to proffer solutions to different problems within her immediate society and the world. Tanta University is a coeducation university that runs a continuous academic calendar, the university is not directly affiliated with any religion or cultural group in the nation and this is in an attempt to create a culturally inclusive university community. Her student body is not very large but quite diverse, considering the fact that it is a coeducational university. Tanta University offers fulltime undergraduate and postgraduate academic degree programs in fields cutting across sciences and social science. Some of which include, the faculty of medicine, the faculty of sciences and several others. The university campus facilities are very good and they create a wholesome learning environment for her students, with facilities like health Centre, good and well equipped labs etc. The university tuition varies per various academic program. Kindly check the university official website for more details.

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Some Courses include:
Several Engineering feilds
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Science & Technology