Institut des Techniques Avancées

Institut des Techniques Avancées is a technology centric higher institution located in Gabon. The university was established seeing the need for more human capital with technical knowledge in Gabon. Students are equipped with the right knowledge base and skillset to make meaningful contribution to the nation's development. The university exposes them to quality education content for their training and shows them practical scenarios in how classroom knowledge is used to solve problems in the society. The university is located in Estuaire province of is a full time college that offers undergraduate academic degree programs in sciences, social sciences and other fields. The university runs a per semester academic calendar and does not have a large community. Local and international students are welcome irrespective of their religious or cultural background, this is an attempt to ensure the university’s community is culturally inclusive. Serene learning environment. It is equipped with good classroom, good road network, a well resourceful academic library and several others.

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Some Courses include:

Civil Engineering
Industrial Maintanance
Electronics Engineering
Electrtechnical Computing
Arts, Management & Social Science
Commercial action
Management accounting
Management Informatics
Human Resource Management