University of The Gambia

University of The Gambia is a full time public university established in the year 1999, and located in an urban area on Gambia called, serekunda. It is one of the few universities in this very small country, it aims to be the Centre for dissemination of knowledge in the country, the university of Gambia is committed to the academic excellence of her student in their various fields of study, it provides them with excellent education resources and ensure her teachers make use of modern and effective teaching approaches. The university plays a vital role in the country by raising and maintaining the standards of education in the country to the development of human capital in the country through the provision of skilled labor in different fields. University of Gambia offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in her different faculties, some of those faculties include school o education, school of engineering and architecture, school of arts and social sciences and several others. It has a small student population with an awfully small staff population, however the student staff ratio is still healthy. The university is a coeducation institution it has no affiliation with any religious and socio-cultural background and should allow equal access of education to both national and international students. Admission into this university is competitive and it tuition ranges for about GMD 38,000 to about GMD 60,000, it varies based on the different academic programs. University of Gambia has good facilities for her students, it also has a very conducive learning environment for them, some of those facilities include good road network, good classrooms and labor etc.

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Some Courses include:
Arts, Management & Social Science
Banking and Finance
Public Administration
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Science & Technology
Communications and Media and Wireless Technology