Université Libanaise Internationale en Mauritanie

Université Libanaise Internationale en Mauritanie, is one of the few universities in Mauritania, the university is a private university that is managed and funded by private individuals and it was established in the late 200s, the university if one of the nation's leading universities in providing quality education to her students. It is located in the nation's capital Nouakchott, Mauritania. The university was established seeing the need to develop human capital in the nation, it is committed to raising the standards of education in Mauritania and also committed to training her students to be very proficient and excellence in both their academics and relevant in their various industries upon graduation. The university is also involved in research and development and contributes a lot to the nation's scientific society. It is constantly proffering solutions to challenges within her immediate society and the world. The Lebanese International University of Mauritania run a per semester academic calendar and has a culturally inclusive society. It is a coeducation university and it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in her various faculties, some of these faculties include the faculty of arts and science, the faculty of engineering and several others. Does not particularly/directly have a religious affiliation it also has a quite small community of staff and students as at the time of this writing. It’s student body is also not very diverse. Admission into this university is moderately competitive and the university provides her students with the necessary facilities they need for proper and effective learning, students have access to a lot of education resources through the library, health care through the health center and several others.

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Some Courses include:
Communication Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business Management
Banking and Finance
Political Science
Human Resources
Materials Science & Engineering
Science & Technology
Computer Science