University of Namibia

University of Namibia is a full time publicly funded and managed university located in Windhoek, Namibia. It was established in the early 1990s and it is funded and managed by the nation's government. University of Namibia is the top university in the country and is also the biggest, the university is committed to her mission of being a leading innovative university both in Namibia and on the international front. The university has a number of core values which it use to manage its operations, one of which is accountability, there are several others. The university is committed to the distribution of good educational resource to her students and the use of modern and effective teaching methods to ensure her students have the best learning experience in the classroom, student are exposed to the practical application of the theoretical knowledge gained and how they should be used to solve real world problems. The University of Namibia has a very large student population with a very good student graduation rate. It has several campuses located in different part of the country. University of Namibia is a coeducational university and it runs a per semester academic calendar, it also has a lot of academic staff resulting to a healthy staff to student ratio. The university has no religious affiliation and welcomes both locals and international students. Admission into the university is quite competitive. University of Namibia offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in her various faculties, some of which include, faculty of Agriculture and natural resources, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. The university has a very conducive environment for students to learn and have a great academic stay in the institution, the university has a good library with access to internet, labs and a lot of other facilities. Tuition varies per degree type and nationality and it varies from about 15,000 Namibian dollar to about 30,000 Namibian dollar.

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Some Courses include:
Agricultural Economics
Animal Science
Crop Science
Veterinary Medicine
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public Health
Medicine & Surgery
Other related Courses
Arts, Management & Social Science
Taxation & Management
English Studies
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Applied Biochemistry
Information Systems