Lighthouse Polytechnic

Lighthouse Polytechnic is a private polytechnic located in Edo State Southern Nigeria. The Polytechnic was founded with the intention of making significant changes in the African technological landscape by equipping her students with academic and technical knowledge. The polytechnic couples this knowledge with strong moral values. Lighthouse polytechnic is determined in making its mark in contribution to sustainable national development through her students.

Lighthouse Polytechnic school fees [less than N100k] is affordable and has no religious affiliation therefore it admits students from different religions and cultural backgrounds thus having string student diversity. The school provides accommodation facilities for her students, good road network power etc.

Lighthouse Polytechnic courses are in feilds in Science & Technology, Arts, Management & other social Sciences.

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Computer Engineering
Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Banking & Finance
Business Administration & Management
Public Administration
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Estate Management & Valuation

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