Ronik Polytechnic

Ronik Polytechnic is a private polytechnic located in Ejibo, Lagos State, South West Nigeria. The polytechnic programs where accredited in 2005. Since it was established Ronik Polytechnic has been committed to training her students to be responsible future leaders of Nigeria. The polytechnic trains her students to be observant to challenges in the community and proffer solutions. Students are trained in Academics and Morals.

The polytechnic is privately funded and managed by private individuals. Ronik Polytechnic has no religious affiliations and admits students irrespective of their cultural background. The polytechnic has a diverse student body which is relatively large. Ronik polytechnic Tuition is very affordable going for about N100,000 and it has no accommodation facilities but has a well-equipped library.

Ronik polytechnic courses [HND/ND] cut across a wide number of subject areas some of which include Science & Technology, Social sciences and Management Courses.

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Electrical / Electronics Engineering
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business Administration and Management
Science & Technology
Computer Science

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