Benadir University

Benadir University was established in 2002 as private funded and managed university, it is located in in the capital of Somalia. The university is committed to helping students leverage on their talents, knowledge and skillset to become ultimately useful to the society and to themselves, they are provided access to quality education, they are also trained to see practical applications to solving real world problems. It is committed to academic excellence, it is committed to innovation and creativity. Benadir University is also particular about her students morals, they are exposed to several level of leadership training, collaboration etc. the university is research based institution and it committed too solving problems within her immediate environment and the world. Benadir University offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in her various faculties, some of which include the faculty of medicine, faculty of agriculture, faculty of health science and several others. The university also has a number of campuses located in different parts of the nation, this full time coeducational university is culturally inclusive, it welcomes both local and international students and it is not particularly biased to any particular local culture in Somalia. The nation in general is affiliated to the Islam religion, and it runs a per semester academic calendar. The university community is small. But is contains a very good amount of staff compared to the number of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Benadir University campuses are well laid out, they have a good and conducive. Learning environment for her students, they have a student support center, and ICT center a research center, good classroom, Labs and several other facilities. Her tuition varies for the various academic programs but ranges from about $400 - $1200. Kindly check the university official website for more details.

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Some Courses include:
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business Adminstration
public Administration
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Information Technology
Education (different feilds)