Gollis University

Gollis University is a full time coeducational university located in Hargeisa, Somalia. The university is a private institution and it is funded and managed by individual and not the government, it was established in the year 2004 and has since been affiliated with the Islam religion. The University is an extraordinary institutions, it is committed to her goal of becoming a renowned citadel of learning, known for academic excellence, research, innovation and meeting the needs of her immediate society and the world. The university has 3 core values with must be upheld by all members of her community while they are in the university. Gollis University since her inception has had rapid growth in her community, it is played her part in human development within the nation training her students to be competent in their respective academic fields. They go through rigorous academic training and are exposed to trends in industry in order to see the relevance of their theoretical knowledge. The university makes use of research and sometime development to proffer solutions to problems in Somalia and in the world. Gollis University is has several campuses in different parts of the nation all equipped with good facilities, they have a conducive learning environment. The university is a full time four year institution and it offers undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in science, technology, social science and several others. It has a large student population and a large staff body. There is a very good student to staff ratio and ultimately relationship in this university which fosters for better learning. Tuition varies per academic program but averages at $500 annually, kindly check the university official website for more details.

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Some Courses include:
Civil Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public Health and other feilds in medicine
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business Management
Accounting and Finance
Social Science
Political Science and International Relations
Science & Technology