Jazeera University

Jazeera University is a Somalia based university that was established in the year 2001, it is located in the nation's administrative region and has a number of other campus facilities in different parts of the country. The university hopes to be a university of international repute and tackle a bunch of challenges within Somalia and the world by raising competent students in their different field of study. The university was established seeing the need for the development of human capital in the nation in various areas and the founder stepped in to solve that problem. Students are exposed to excellent education resources and talented teachers from different fields who make use of modern and effective teaching approaches thus creating an optimal learning environment for her students. The university is a full time coeducational institution and it run a per semester academic calendar, it is affiliated with the Islam religion and it admits both local and international students. Jazeera University offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in her various faculties cutting across science and social sciences, some of these faculties include faculty of engineering and technology, faculty of education, faculty of public health and several others. The university has a medium sized or relatively small community compared to others in the nations. Students to staff ratio is good. Jazeera University has a bunch of campus facilities located in different parts of the country, all are filled with facilities like health center, good classrooms, good road network and several others. for more detail on the university tuition kindly visit the university official website. Although a number of Somalia refers to the tuition as quite expensive.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Science & Technology