Nugaal University

Nugaal University is a public university which is funded and managed by the Somalia government. It is a contemporary/recently founded university which was established in 2004 to meet some of the nation's needs. The university is located in Sool, an administrative region In Somalia. The university founders saw the need for more quality education in that region of the nation and also the need for more human development of skilled power and that among others lead to the birth of Nugaal University. It is committed to the dissemination of quality education within her immediate commodity and Somalia at large. Student are exposed to excellent education resources and modern/effective teaching methods. The university expose them to classroom knowledge and real world application in industry. It is involved in research and development at different level to proffer creative solution to problems and it is in collaborations with several companies in industry and also universities. Nugaal University has 3 campus facilities located in different parts of the nations, they are all well equipped with good facilities, like labs, and well-resourced library, good road network and several others. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in her 9 faculties offering programs in science and social sciences. It is an Islamic based coeducational university with over a thousand students. Her student population is fairly medium sized compared with some other universities in the nation. It runs on a semester academic calendar and has a quite impressive student to staff ration. International students are welcome as the university has a relatively culturally inclusive community. Nugaal University provides several level of financial support to her student. Tuition goes for $250 - $800, please note that this varies according to the different degrees and time, so kindly check the university website for more details on this. Admissions into this university is rapidly getting very competitive.

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Some Courses include:
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public health
Other areas of medicine
Arts, Management & Social Science
Islamic Studies
Business Administration
Economy & Political Science
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Agriculture and Animal Science