Plasma University

A Private university called Plasma University was established in Somalia in the year 2005, the university is located in the nation's capital and largest city, it seeks to be a world class university being one of the best in that region of the continent, it is committed to meeting the needs of her immediate society by proffering solutions to problems of by training her student to be competent in different fields to proffer solutions. Plasma University is involved in research, students also engaged in some degree during their academic stay in the university. The university takes her students through a curriculum that exposes them with not only classroom knowledge but also allows them develop the necessary skillsets they need to be relevant in their various industries. The University has a medium sized community of staff and students with a good growth rate. The university generally has healthy graduation rate producing very good alumnus. The University has a good staff to student ratio and most times this often translates to better relationships between staff and students ultimately creating a better learning environment for students. The university is a full time four year university and it offers undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in her various colleges, some of these colleges include colleges of engineering and technology, colleges of health sciences and several others. It is affiliated with the Islam religion, and it has no cultural affiliation. The university runs on semesterís calendar and it has very well laid out campus faculties. The environment is conducive, cool, and secure with a very resourceful academic library, well equipped labs, health center and several other facilities. Plasma university tuition is quite affordable, however the university offers some form of financial aid service to her students. For more information, kindly check out their official website. Tuition varies per different academic programs.

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Some Courses include:
Environmental Science
VET Medicine
Civil Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Medicine and surgrey
Madical Lab Science
Arts, Management & Social Science
Human Resource Management
Political Sciences
Science & Technology
Computer Science
Sharia Law