Somali National University

Somali National University is a public university which is funded and managed by the Somalia government, it is one of the nation's oldest universities and it was established in the early 1950s. The university is committed to becoming and affordable world Class University providing equal access of education to all without loss of quality. It subjects her students through rigorous academic training to help them meet the needs of society and proffer innovative and creative solutions in their various industries. Students are taught making use of modern teaching approaches to ensure they have an optimal learning experience while in class and how best to apply this theoretical knowledge to solve real world problems. Students are subject to research before graduation. The university is a research based institution, it is committed to proffering solutions to problems in Somali and in the world. This has led Somali National University to be involved in collaborations with other universities. Somali National University also plays a vital role in the nation with the provision of skilled personnel in different fields. The university is coeducational and it runs a per semester academic calendar. Admission process is quiet selective and it welcomes both local and international students, it has no biases to any particular culture thus it is a culturally inclusive university community. Somali National University offers full time undergraduate academic degrees cutting across sciences, technology, and social sciences in her various faculties. The programs are listed below. The university has a good and conducive learning environment. Tuition is affordable and it goes for about $100 -$300 it varies for the different academic programs.

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Some Courses include:
Agriculture and Environmental Science
Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry.
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electric Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Arts, Management & Social Science
Islamic Studies
Education (Different Feilds)