University of Somalia

University of Somalia was established in 2005, it is a private university and it is funded and managed by the Somalia government. The university is located in the nation's capital and it is in the administrative region of the country Banaadir. The university is committed to providing knowledge of international standard to her immediate community and the world, it also plays a vital role in meeting needs within her immediate society and the world by proffering solution based on research. The University of Somalia places a lot of priority of knowledge, innovation, research and creativity. It keeps the nation's over all core values while running her various operations. University of Somalia, contributes to the nation by providing skilled manpower who can contribute significantly in nation's development, which is what her graduates have become known to do. They are exposed to both classroom and practical knowledge in solving problems in the real worlds. University of Somalia has a number of core values, some of which include integrity, accountably and several others which are used to run her core operations and are part of the student’s lifestyle during their academic stay. It has more than one campus facility and they are equipped with good facilities, they are also conducive for learning. Their environment is peaceful, secure and enjoyable to students. University of Somalia is affiliated with the Islam religion, it is a coeducational university that runs a per semester academic calendar. Its student population is large compared too many universities in the nation and has enough staff to meet her student’s needs resulting into a good staff to student ratio. The university offers full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degree in her various faculties. They cut across sciences and social sciences. The university tuition varies from about $200 - $1000 per semester as at the time of this writing, kindly check the university official website for more detail on this.

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Some Courses include:
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Public Health
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business Economic
Banking & Finance
International Relations
Science & Technology
Computer Science