Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Cape Peninsula University of Technology is located in Cape Town, South Africa and it was established in the mid-2000s. It is one of South Africa's contemporary universities and it is a public university funded and managed by the nation's government. The university as the name implies is a technology centric and oriented university and it is committed to producing more skilled human power in the technology industry in South Africa. It prides itself in innovation, academic excellence and pushing the frontiers of technological advancement through research. The university is committed to training her students with the skillset and high knowledgebase in their various fields of technology, they are exposed to how classroom knowledge is used and applied in real world industry. The university runs on some core values some of which include excellence, accountability, innovation and several others. Cape Peninsula University of Technology has a number of campuses located in different parts of the nation, it runs full time undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs in her various faculties, some of these faculties include faculty of applied science, faculty of education, and faculty of engineering. It runs on a per semester calendar and has a very large student operation, it is a coeducation university that also has a decent amount of staff to meet her students’ academic needs. The university is a culturally inclusive university and has no affiliation to any religion or anu culture, it admits both local and international students as they all go through its very competitive admission process. The university is committed to creating a very conducive learning environment for her students. Students have access to a lot of education resources through the library, there are a number of recreation facilities etc. The university offers affordable tuition but for students who cannot afford it proved some form of financial aid services.

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Some Courses include:
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Medicine & Pharmarcy
Other feilds
Arts, Management & Social Science
Business Admin
Human Resource Management
Science & Technology
Environmental health
Food technology